A Unique Learning Style

Heather Leneau Bragg, M.A. is a former classroom teacher and learning specialist with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and a masters in Communication Sciences and Disorders from Northwestern University.

She works as a consultant and private tutor for school children.Heather wrote Learning Decoded with the struggling student in mind. During her years teaching in the Chicago Public School systems, she came upon many students that were having difficulty learning to read. Some had problems learning math, and others had behavioral problems in class. The misbehavior is often a result of learning style issues.

After struggling to help some of these children with little positive results, she knew she had to find the solution. She went back to school to learn more and took a teaching position at the University of Chicago’s Hyde Park Day School, teaching children with mild-to-moderate language based learning disabilities.

We Empower Parents

Her specialized training and hands-on experience have made her even more aware that parents need empowerment to help their under-achieving child experience success.

More students than ever are falling behind in their studies and school systems are not any closer to finding ways to help them. Financial cutbacks and funding problems undermine the momentum toward significant change in schools.

Heather Bragg wants to arm parents with the knowledge and tools needed to offset the struggles their child has in school.She wants to arm the students with the strengths and skills to face school on a day-to-day basis, and win!

She does this by sharing recent brain-based research findings in her book, Learning Decoded, and how to apply this knowledge to your child’s need.

The gap between strength and weakness can be more dramatic in a child who struggles with schoolwork. Yet many of these same students are extremely bright. They are exceptionally good in one area, but not so good in another.

Each person is unique.

Ideally, your child’s brain works in sync with how information is taught at school. But that is not always the case.

Learning Decoded provides the solution that parents and children need.

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“Working with Heather and using her approach has transformed my daughter into a strong student and more confident young lady.”