Understanding how your child's brain workscan be a challenge

Book: Learning Decoded

Your child’s academic success starts with using the right learning style


Understanding how your child’s brain works can be a challenge. But there is a solution. Every student has a unique learning style. In her book Learning Decoded, Heather Bragg guides parents through the sometimes arduous process of figuring out how to help their child with difficult school tasks.

Learning Decoded is a breakthrough understanding of how a child’s mind works. Written in lay terms, Bragg’s easy-to-follow-three-step process gets results where conventional strategies have failed.

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“This is in the best investment I’ve made as a parent. My daughter was getting extra help at school for reading but no one really seemed to understand why she wasn’t “getting it”.  They just kept drilling her and it wasn’t working. She started hating school. A friend of mine recommended Learning Decoded online course and it changed our lives. I learned how to figure out my daughter’s learning needs. Once I understood her, I could ask for the right help from the school.”