Homework problems? Where?!


chain-copyFrom the time a student is told about a homework assignment until the moment he turns in that inspiring academic masterpiece to be cherished through the ages, a lot can go wrong.

Like, A LOT.

Think about it.

A kiddo needs to…

  1. realize the assignment is being given
  2. record the assignment
  3. have the needed materials
  4. understand how to do it
  5. initiate work
  6. persevere through completion
  7. check for completeness/accuracy
  8. return the work to school on time

Whoa. No wonder homework can be such a stumbling block!

So the next time your darling child pulls a left shark with the homework, break it down along those steps. Where EXACTLY did something go wrong? Step 1? Step 7? Wherever it was, that’s where you need to go to help your child avoid making the same mistake again. (And again and again.) If he did not write the assignment down in the first place, a parent lecture on checking his work won’t cure the ill, y’all. Addressing the SPECIFIC point of breakdown will.

Want more info on helpful tips for breakdowns at each of the steps above? Stay tuned next week!


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