Is Your Child Struggling In School?

Is Your Child Struggling In School?


If you are the parent of a child who is struggling with academics, and you are not getting support, answers or a plan of action from the school, you are not alone.


Approximately 20% of school-aged children face some learning challenge during their academic careers.


Many children, especially those without a diagnosis or clear-cut, identified challenge, are often not given the necessary support for their learning needs in the school setting. Schools today are often under-funded, under-staffed and facing larger-than-ideal class sizes, making it difficult to address the needs of all children as they begin to struggle. Parents face frustration and anxiety as they look to the school for guidance, and often receive vague feedback, conflicting advice and discouraging remarks such as “Just wait it out.” or “Your child is unmotivated.”


We live in an age where parents need to take the wheel, armed with an understanding of the nuances around their child’s learning needs. But how can parents do this?


Enter my online course, Learning Decoded For Parents: Understanding Your Child’s Unique Learning Style.


My course is designed for parents to understand:

  • Input (how children are often taught)
  • Output (how children are usually assessed)
  • Cognitive Processing (how memory, attention, processing speed, reasoning and executive functioning play a role in learning)


We then address how each piece, and the strengths and challenges we all have around them, affect performance in reading, math, writing and overall organization.


Lastly, we use all of this information to create a learning plan custom-fit for your child , one that uses strengths to build areas of difficulty. This plan will help your child thrive in school.


This is the first course of its kind and an invaluable resource for parents. Find out more and sign up here!


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