A great tutor will reveal andleverage your child's potential

The benefits of a tutor

Private consultation or tutoring can create a well thought-out plan with fewer mistakes.

Your struggling elementary school child will benefit tremendously from discovering what his or her unique learning style is. The Thrive Paradigm is a comprehensive understanding of how your child takes in information, processes it, and uploads it into reports, projects, and other expected school work. Its purpose is to serve as the “master blueprint” for your child’s academic success.

Local tutoring

Chicago Area

Chicago Area Tutoring with Heather Bragg

Heather works in-person with parents and students in the Chicago area.

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Long distance tutoring

Right Where You Are

Long Distance Tutoring with Heather Bragg

Heather works remotely by Skype, Google Hangouts, and phone so she will meet you right where you’re at.

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What to Expect

Once you understand what your child’s learning style is, it becomes the springboard from which you and your child can progress through the school year, eventually to where your child should take on the responsibility themselves.

Your tutor will:

  • Be an advocate at your child’s school, if needed
  • Provides less stress and frustration than doing it on your own
  • Get advice quickly in an urgent situation
  • Get results faster

Are you ready to reveal your child’s potential?

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Book: Learning Decoded

by Heather Bragg, M.A.

In her book, Learning Decoded, Heather Bragg guides parents through the sometimes arduous process of figuring out how to help your child with difficult school tasks through her unique three step process: Input, Output, and Process. But it’s only the beginning.

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Learning Decoded opened my eyes on how I can help my son with current and future learning development issues. The book easily explains why he could be good in one subject and need help in another area … it gave easy to understand ‘tricks’ and many helpful resources to learn more.